The best sunsets in Florida

You've booked yourself a beachside vacation rental and after a long trip you're spending your first evening soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the stunning water. The perfect way to round off the day? Watching the sunset from the perfect spot - be it sat on the beach, cocktail in hand, from a romantic table in a fine restaurant, or from the poolside in your rental - here are our recommendations on the best places to view the perfect sunset in Florida.

Usually, you would want to head west to watch a sunset so that you can see out to the horizon in the ocean - but the great thing about Florida is that it's quite flat, so has huge skies. You can enjoy the sunset from nearly any location and enjoy the colors and magic of the twilight sky.

The further north you are in the state, the slower the sunset will be, as the further south you go, the more straight down the sun will set.

The top 5 places to watch the sunset in Florida.

Indian Shores

Being on the west coast, the sun sets into the ocean giving you unobstructed views out towards the horizon. View vacation homes in Indian Shores.

Key West

Head to Mallory Square in Key West for their world-famous key west sunset celebration, and enjoy the great sunset with great food and entertainment. Find your Key West Condo.


Stay in Disneyland for the sunset - see the Disney castle silhouette against stunning evening colours, and stay for the end-of-the-day fireworks. Book a stay near Disney.

Cape Coral

For the perfect romantic beach sunset vibe - sand, palm trees and the ocean sunset. Beach houses in Cape Coral.


Walk onto the Venice Fishing pier to experience the sunset over the ocean, or simply sit on the beach with the pier in view.

What time is sunset in Florida?

The sun sets a different time every day, and it varies by exactly where you are, but here's a rough guide by month, assuming you're around Naples Florida.

  • January - 17:57
  • February - 18:19
  • March - 19:38 (DST)
  • April - 19:52
  • May - 20:09
  • June - 20:22
  • July - 20:20
  • August - 20:01
  • September - 19:26
  • October - 18:55
  • November - 17:36
  • December - 17:38

Do you have any great spots for sunsets? Did you come here to find the perfect proposal spot? Let us know!